The Airline Food Challenge

Airlines are basically transportation companies. In reality, serving delicious food and drinks that meet the needs of passengers is an additional service - and an unavoidable necessity of long-haul travel. Meals served on board are an important part of a passenger's airline experience. If a meal does not meet the expectation, then passengers become very dissatisfied. leftover and uneaten meals are a clear sign of dissatisfaction. And no airline wants that!

According to strict Halal laws

One group of air travellers - which is growing larger every year - is faced with worries when ordering airline meals. People of the Islamic faith are concerned that their meals meet strict Halal laws, especially when they are on board flights originating from countries without specific Muslim traditions. Many of the meals prepared in such countries are not Halal - in the strictest sense of the word. This fact is sometimes overlooked by airlines, who simply lack suitable alternatives. So an increasing number of airlines are being confronted with Muslim passengers who cannot eat their meals because they are not Halal.

Enormous potential for growth

Today, some 35 million Europeans (and 1,7 billion people worldwide) follow the Muslim faith. And they are travelling more and more by air. It is not surprising that airlines are discovering the importance of Halal food, if only from a purely economic standpoint. Meeting the needs of Muslim passengers means more than using Halal ingredients in separate (and often expensive) production runs only.

Completely secure production process Imamin Inflight Food Services is a modern enterprise working from its base in the Netherlands. We are a young company with a solid financial, organizational, and production-oriented foundation. lmamin Infliglit Food Services is dedicated to providing a complete, high-quality Halal concept for airlines and catering that satisfies strict Halal laws, leads to greater passenger satisfaction, and tastes delicious!Our goal is to work together with airlines and caterers and play an important role supporting their activities by providing excellent Halal products. All Imamin products prepared in our HACCP certified (Halal only) production facilities in the Netherlands.

Innovative and reliable

Imamin Inflight Food Services is a subsidiary of the lmamin Halal Food Group. This young company has quickly built up an excellent reputation as the producer of high quality and reliable ready-to-eat Halal meals with integrity, In official recognition of this achievement lmamin was awarded Holland's MKB Innovation Prize 1998/99 by the Dutch Minister of Economy.We look forward to a future in which the brand lmamin is automatically associated with Halal. Because Halal products and foods are our core business.


Imamin Mission Statement:
Imamin is the leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of high quality food products guaranteed to absolutely meet the strictest Halal laws.
Imamin dedicates a portion of its profits as zakat to nutrition projects for children in need, regardless of their religious or cultural background.